KLEFER Automatic Lift Doors
History / Installations

Established as a collaborative venture between KLEEMANN and TECNOLAMA-FERMATOR, KLEFER has been manufacturing lift doors at their modern premises in the Industrial Park of Kilkis, Greece, since 1999.

Combining experience, expertise and innovation, KLEFER produces automatic, semi-automatic and folding cabin doors for residential, commercial and industrial lifts. The integrated product lines satisfy the needs of both domestic and international markets whilst the vast range of materials and colours enables the customer to choose their lift door to complement the space and aesthetics of the building. 

Focusing on innovative industrial design trends and offering an extensive knowledge of materials, the experienced personnel at KLEFER provide a comprehensive, first class service that delivers tailored solutions to fulfil the exacting requirements of the customer. 

With a focus on respect for the consumer and the environment, KLEFER continually develops and implements environmentally friendly practices. Committed to recycling, energy efficiency and the effective maintenance of their premises and equipment, KLEFER invests in the creation of a sustainable environment, a worthy legacy for future generations.