KLEFER Automatic Lift Doors
Green, ISO, Recycle

We make every activity Green.

                   … to contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations.


KLEFER’s fundamental key of culture is to maintain a balance between environmental protection, social responsibility and economic success.

KLEFER recognizes that businesses may have direct or indirect impact on their local, regional and global environment. As a result the company has developed a green policy to minimize environmental impact.

Giving first priority to people, KLEFER implements practices that support a healthy operating mode for both endogenous and exogenous factors considering that, respect of the environment is an investment and not our responsibility.


In particular:

  • Recycling is actively supported in the company area with the harvesting and disposal of waste material (glass, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic, batteries) in special recycling areas.
  • The purchase of raw materials derives, where possible, from sustainable sources.
  • Energy savings, by replacing old technologies by new ones that will reduce energy losses, is continuously evolving.
  • Thermal energy management policy is applied and minimization of the use of electricity, water and oil, where possible.
  • Urban wastes are managed by rational policies.
  • A continuous preservation of premises and equipment is carried out to prevent the risk of environmental damage to water, land, flora and fauna.
  • A careful compliance is followed with all relevant standards and industry codes of law to which the company agree. 


The pursuit of green development is both long term and entrepreneurial, covering all the activities of value chain. We seek ways to continuously improve our activities. KLEFER’s belief is that the preservation of our natural environment is an implicit precondition for the existence of the planet and green growth is the only way.